The most abundant resource in the universe is peace. Yet, an authentic awareness of peace appears to be one of the rarest human experiences unfolding on planet earth right now. In fact, it would not be inaccurate to claim that the collective human experience right now is a reflection of everything that peace is not. This collective experience is an emanation of our individual condition. What is therefore obvious is that our current approach to achieving an authentic awareness of peace is unconscious, habitual, reactive, programmed, and impotent. It is an historical hangover. The intent of this article is to examine this predicament and offer some insight into the quandary.




There are three questions, that when authentically answered, restore an awareness of peace within us. Once this awareness of peace is restored within us, this vibration radiates into our experience of the world. The idea that we can restore an awareness of peace in the world arena without first individually answering these three questions authentically is delusional. They are:

What am I? Not who, because asking who opens us to personality-driven answers, not an awareness of our authentic essence.

What is God for us? Again, it is best not to use the word who. When God is a "who", we are invariably dabbling in religious propaganda.

Where am I now? This is a question we seldom ask because we assume we know where we are. Do we really know where we are right now? Just as we assume we are the personality we have manufactured, the personality everyone in our life interacts with, and just as we may assume God is the personality-driven identity our religions have fed us, we may also assume that where we are right now is defined by the physical address or geographical location of our living circumstances.

A bird in a cage assumes the cage is its home.

Most of us only focus on the first two questions. And, when we do, we do not really focus on the questions, but the answers. Our world has long forgotten the art of asking questions, and instead traded in this awareness for being obsessed with "the answer". We no longer live in an "Ask and receive" world; we currently live in an "Ask and go and get" world.

Another challenge is that even if we do ask the above questions sincerely, without interfering with the answering process, we do not avail ourselves of the perceptual capacities enabling us to integrate the answer; the language required to comprehend the answer to the above three questions is not the physical or the mental language – yet, we insist on seeking these answers using this limited vocabulary. Consequently, we enter many strange physical procedures and practices, as well as entertain many complex mental examinations, all of which only serve to lead us further and further away from discovery, and hence the authentic awareness of what peace is. What may not be immediately apparent to us is that the answer to all three of the above questions is the same. When we answer one of them authentically, we answer them all. By answering them all, we automatically awaken to the awareness of the peace we once thought had to be made.

There is a revealing story about a person walking down the street late one night who comes across another individual beneath the light of a street lamp searching for something.

"Have you lost something?" He asks.

"Yes, my keys."

"May I assist you to find them?"

"Thank you, I appreciate the help."

They search together for a moment. The illuminated area is small, so it only takes a few moments to scan it thoroughly.

"Are you sure you lost your keys here?" He asks again.

"No, I didn’t lose them here; I lost them in my house?"

"Then why are you looking outside under this street lamp?"

"Because the lights in my house are not working."

This story is funny and somewhat ridiculous, yet we are all seeking the answer to the mystery of life in the same manner; we are searching according to our current means of perception. We too are in the midst of a predicament in which the lights are out within our home and so we conveniently search for what is within us where it cannot be found: Outside.

The reason for this behavior is because we no longer function from emotional body awareness, from felt-perception; using the eyes of the heart. We have become addicted to seeing only with the physical and mental eyes; with our physical eye balls and our mental understanding. We do not use the eyes of felt-perception; we do not even value what these eyes perceive. This leaves us extremely vulnerable:

If we are shown a physical image, and this physical image is accompanied by convincing mental concepts, we automatically believe that what we are shown is real.

In this world, because we do no function from felt-perception, we believe what we are shown and told by others without question. This is why we are duped at every turn by our politicians, religions, and corporate community. We can see, but we cannot perceive. When we cannot perceive, we are easy converts to make-believe. If we could feel, if we had felt-perception, if the eyes of the heart were open, we would know a lie or a deception even with our ears shut and our physical eyes closed.

When we do not operate from felt-perception, we assume that understanding = knowing. Yet, "understanding" is a mental experience easily facilitated by a clever organization of information. Knowing, on the other hand, is only possible when information is combined with an integrated physical, mental, and emotional experience – with the emphasis on the experience containing the component of felt-participation.

Only when information is combined with an integrated personal experience does it become knowing. Information alone is just information.

When our felt-participation is numbed, censored, or shut down – when our capacity to feel is orchestrated from outside sources, instead of inwardly – we automatically believe and embrace mental information as being knowledge. This is why, when we are presented with cleverly compiled information, with the additional support of visual physical imagery, we believe what we see and hear to be true. Every war we have fought has been brought to us in this manner; the combining of cleverly compiled information and suggestive imagery. However, what is not apparent to us when we are emotionally impotent, is that the intent of the information and imagery broadcast to us is always to deliberately trigger and manipulate the feeling body; to stir feelings that are suppressed and unintegrated, to bring to awareness traumatic feelings that are unresolved, and to promise feelings that are lacking due to emotional immaturity. In this manner, not having emotional body awareness turns beings as powerful as any so-called god into easily herded sheep.

Now is the time to BE, not BAAA.

The awareness of the authentic peace we seek is only discovered within "the home of our being", and the home of our being is the experiential awareness of what we are, what God is for us, and of where we really are right now. Yet, our inner lighting system is severely dimmed and in most cases switched off. Consequently, we seek an awareness of peace outside in the darkened night under the false illumination of conveniently placed street lighting; where it can never be found. And, while we stumble about in perceptual blindness, our politicians, religions, and corporations willingly serve as our guide dogs; they lead us into temptation and deliver us unto evil.

Evil within the context of this discussion is not the emotionally-charged tool of manipulation fearfully bandied around by various religious maniacs. When religions speak of evil, they are preying consciously and unconsciously on aspects of our human behavior that are self-destructive; programmed self-destructive behavior that is imprinted into the make-up of our emotional body during childhood. Until this imprinted behavior is consciously integrated it automatically runs our human experience beneath the surface of our conscious awareness. Religions tell us that this imprinted childhood behavior (which they are party to imprinting when we expose our children to religious indoctrination) make us unacceptable to God, and that they, the priesthood, can save us from it. Yet, they cannot, because only we can individually do the work required to integrate imprinted dysfunctions within our emotional body. All religions do is put "the fear of God" into us about this imprinted emotional body condition, and then give us laws designed to suppress, sedate, and control this state. The consequence of this religiously-driven self-suppression, self-control, and self-sedation, is the emanation of hatred, violence, war, crime, and ongoing chaos that pollutes humanity.

Religion, and its superstitious belief in sin, is one of the greatest crimes perpetuated on humanity. Religions have murdered more humans in the name of their gods than can ever be accounted for. The only absolution for these organizations is complete dissolution of their existence.

Evil, within the context of this discussion, has nothing to do with this state of religious insanity. Evil, within the context of this discussion, refers simply to a perceptual predicament which may be called "behaving backwards"; behaving as if the effect of what is happening to us is the cause of what is happening to us. Evil is in-effect-you-all behavior; ineffectual behavior. In this light, when it comes to achieving an authentic awareness of peace, all politicians, religions, and corporations on planet earth are evil. And, because we willingly support them, so are we. This is why the question of "Where we are right now?" is such a telling one. Until we take personal responsibility for our current perceptual blindness, for behaving in this backward manner, the lost keys to The Kingdom remain unobtainable, rendering us incarcerated in The Boredom. Right now, because of mass evil tendency, the earth is a hell of a place!

Those who deliberately propagate, manipulate, and prey on our dysfunctional perceptual condition are only able to because we obediently choose victim and victor mentality above personal responsibility.

Because some of you reading this particular discussion may not be familiar with THE PRESENCE PROCESS, and the subsequent writings unfolding from the explorations into emotional body cleansing, it is necessary at this point in our discussion to recapitulate. This is because the two most important aspects of raising awareness without initiating fear are:

To provide a context for the information shared.

To provide a means to practically ground the shared information so that it may become knowledge by being validated through personal experience.

In other words, the intent is to leave no one behind. And, this is not related to the "leave no child behind" school policy which honors ignorance, but the "leave no one behind" approach that entails not assuming everyone is on the same page. For this reason, it is necessary to briefly recapitulate; to take a paragraph or two to reintroduce The Pathway of Awareness and The Seven Year Cycle. By reminding ourselves of the energetic pathway our awareness deliberately moves along as it enters an experience of this world, we more easily comprehend where in our current experience we are perceptually blinded, and therefore why we are prone to backward behavior.

THE PATHWAY OF AWARENESS: There is a deliberate pathway our awareness travels along to enter our experience of the world we now inhabit. We may call this, "The Pathway of Awareness". The Pathway of Awareness is most clearly visible in the initial development of a newborn child: First, a child is an emotional being; it can only emote. Then, it deliberately uses its emotions as a means to communicate; it enters mental awareness. Then, it becomes conscious enough to reach out and deliberately grab hold of and maintain physical contact with something or somebody. Even though a child’s emotional, mental, and physical attributes develop simultaneously, there is a systematic pathway its awareness deliberately travels along to enter a full encounter with this world: From emotional to mental to physical. What is important about this energetic pathway is it shows that the emotional is the causal point of our entry into the experience of this world. Let us examine this microcosm of this pathway in the macrocosm…

THE SEVEN YEAR CYCLE: The Pathway of Awareness from emotional to mental to physical is also clearly recognizable in what we may call, "The Seven Year Cycle". During the first seven years of our life we are called "children". During this childhood period it is accepted that we are for the most part emotional beings; we are literally "energy spontaneously in motion". Around the age of seven we depart childhood and are then called "young boys and girls". As young boys and girls we enter an educational institution intended to redirect our awareness into the mental body; we are taught to read, write, count, and communicate efficiently through a set of mental symbols. After another seven years, around the age of fourteen, we are no longer considered boys and girls; we are called "teenagers". As teenagers we experience a physiological transformation within our material body which marks an entry into a more physically magnified experience. After another seven years, when we turn 21, we are no longer regarded as teenagers; we are now called "young adults". We then celebrate our entry into adulthood and the completion of this cyclic journey from childhood (emotional) to teenager (mental) to adult (physical).

The nature of our entry into the current human experience is that between the ages of seven and fourteen our emotional body awareness is shut down. Quite literally, our heart center closes. Emotional body awareness and "felt-perception" are the same state of being. Felt-perception is "our ability to feel the consequences of our presence in the world". When we operate from felt-perception, we are able to feel the consequences of our thoughts, words, and deeds even before we put them into play. If we are intending to manipulate another, we too feel manipulated. This state of felt-sensitivity is definitely not our current condition; many human beings daily initiate thoughts, words, and deeds which are hurtful to others without even being aware of the implications of this behavior. We are only able to function in this insensitive manner because we are emotionally shut down. Once the heart is shut down, the mental body, along with appropriate displayed visual imagery, can be used to justify anything.

Being emotionally shut down means we do not use our feeling body for in-sight, as a valid means of perception, but instead for displays of drama.

"Drama" is the manipulative wielding of fear, anger, and grief to get from outside of us what we are as yet emotionally not mature enough to give ourselves from within.

When our feeling body is shut down, we cannot feel our inner infinite capacity to enter the vibrational states called "joy", "peace", "health", and "love". Consequently, we attempt to find and manufacture these vibrational states outwardly – through dramatic reactivity and through mental and physical gratification; we do not seek the keys to The Kingdom within our own hearts, but in the neon-lit streets outside in the darkness.

Accordingly, we become vulnerable to the endless empty promises made by politicians, religions, and corporations. These promises entice us into believing that if we buy into what is offered, we shall feel the particular feelings from which we are internally disconnected. Simultaneously, we are led to believe that if we do not buy into what is offered to us externally, we will inevitably encounter the feelings we do not want to feel – like fear.

This is emotional manipulation is the real War on Terror; the War on Terra.

Entire lifestyles are sold and purchased into in this manner - lifestyles equipped with uneconomical cars, poisoned food, superstitious sacred books, and toxic pharmaceuticals; the lifestyle of the perceptually blind and conveniently fearful.

Because our emotional body is shut down, numb, and habitually censored, we do not real eyes how we are daily herded like sheep via the bait of promised and threatened feelings. This emotional baiting of humanity is effortlessly accomplished by showing us physical images (subtly imbedded with appealing sacred symbols) accompanied by mental concepts (cleverly arranged information) that dangle the promise of the feelings we seek to feel inwardly balanced and complete; "buy this thing" or "pray to this thing", and "you will feel peace, love, joy, sexy, etc". Because we do not have emotional body awareness, because we are as a species emotionally immature, because we are consistently emotionally needy and wanting, we do not real eyes the deliberateness of this ongoing emotional bullying. However, as a point of emphasis, and as a means to overcome victor or victim mentality, what is important to real eyes is not that we are sold anything – but that we buy it. We buy it.

When we perceptually wake up to the predicament of the emotional manipulation of our species, we will real eyes that when it comes to outer emotional body manipulation, it is all about sex; every promise made of pleasure through purchase is "the intended orgasm". We will also real eyes there is no outer force required in propagating this seductive emotional intercourse; because when we are emotionally impotent, and do not enter the task of emotionally growing up, we conveniently and willingly believe in and buy into these consumer-driven orgasms. And, when we chose not to grow up emotionally, and instead, to blame others for our plight, we are simultaneously bending over and taking it. Our subsequent moaning about our plight is ignored, unheard, and subtly encouraged, because outer mental babbling or physical revolt cannot authentically transforms this ongoing predicament; only personally driven emotional growth can.

Mental babbling and physical revolt is in effect you all.

Because we cannot perceive that it is the condition of our unintegrated and shut down emotional body which is the source of our dis-ease, we readily believe our suffering has something to do with our physical circumstances or our mental state of being. We then proceed to find someone or something "out there" to blame for this. Yet, this is not true; the quality of our thoughts and physical circumstances are a symptom of the energetic condition of our emotional body, a condition that is imprinted like a tattoo by the age we are seven, and then ruthlessly exploited until we depart this nightmare.

The imprinting of the emotional body is one thing, the exploitation of this imprinted condition is another; do not get them mixed up.

Others may prey on this condition by teaching us to pray their prayers, but if we focus only on their insidious behavior, and not on our inner condition, we are forever lost. It is not by adjusting their behavior that we accomplish liberation; they are just taking advantage of our current perceptual ignorance. It is only by individually doing the work to transform the emotionally unintegrated condition that renders us perceptually blind that liberates. And this requires a deeper realization, which may be the hard part for many of us to digest:

As we are preyed upon, so too do we prey upon others.

One of the reasons why it is so challenging to liberate ourselves from outer emotional manipulation is because we too have adopted this behavior as a means to get from others what we are not yet emotionally mature enough to give ourselves. It is one thing to real eyes how the world’s authority figures conveniently manipulate our perceptual blindness; it is another to perceive how this insanity is imbedded within the fabric of our own interaction with other human beings. Yet, we must real eyes this. And it does not end here; if we seek to enter and authentically transform the causal point of this dysfunction, we have to go even deeper: We have to real eyes where we are behaving in this manner towards our own hearts.

If we choose not to grow up and parent ourselves emotionally, someone is going to play Daddy or Mommy for us. Growing up emotionally is becoming our own parent.

Growing up emotionally and becoming our own parent is about maturing the feeling body; this is the emotional renaissance that now beckons to humanity. Because of all our schooling and elaborate technology, because our "leaders" in almost every field of "expertise" continually point to the physical and mental reality as being the place to find salvation from our discomfort, we are blind to this very obvious fact: That everything we do is driven by "feeling", everything! Yet, we are blinded to this and therefore paralyzed by our blindness.

When we truly real eyes the power of the feeling body within the context of the manufacture of our human experience, we are liberated; then we know where to go to seek what is missing; then we are not emotionally lured into other’s empty and manipulative promises; then we too stop emotionally manipulating others; and, most importantly, we stop behaving towards our own hearts in this manner. To lead us closer to this realization, let us again enter a moment of recapitulation by reviewing an illustration we have used before in our discussions. This illustration aids us in clearly perceiving "the role of feeling within the manufacture of our human experience":

Even though, as "adults", we are physically trance-fixed by our experiences, experiences we interpret almost entirely through mental concepts devoid of any felt-perception, our emotional body still functions as the causal point of the quality of all our experiences. What does this mean in simple English? It means this: How we feel about something determines how we feel about something; that no matter what the physical circumstances, and no matter what we mentally "think" about anything, if it does not feel right, it does not feel right. It is this simple.

"Feeling" is the causal point of the quality of our experience because energetically, it is the causal point of the pathway our awareness uses to enter our experience of this world. And, whether we are aware of it or not, we continue to use this energetic pathway, from emotional to mental to physical, in every aspect of our manufactured experience. However, because we are devoid of emotional body awareness, we cannot yet perceive the role of our feelings in the manufacture of human experience. If we could, we would not be so naïve as to assert that "thought creates". If thought creates, then, by obvious deduction, "God is a thought". Only the mentally insane think God is a thought. Such a notion is pure masturbation by the mental body, by the domineering male side of our psyche, by the very self-aggrandizing, egoic left-brain resonance that ruthlessly squashes, continually dismisses, and conveniently overlooks the role of emotional body awareness in the manufacture of human experience.

To enable us to grasp the significance of our emotional body within the construct of human experience, and to clearly see the deliberate movement along The Pathway of Awareness we all use for every aspect of our manufactured experience, it is useful to give a tangible example. To accomplish this, let us examine one of our favorite pastimes: The way we buy "stuff". When we have no emotional body awareness we have an exaggerated attraction to stuff! We work like slaves our entire lives to obtain lots of stuff and live in a world where one can not possibly have enough stuff. Why? Because with our feeling body shut down, we actually believe that accumulating outer stuff will deliver us into the state of feeling we inwardly lack. "Our relationship with stuff" is therefore an appropriate experience to use as a means to demon straight the energetic flow of The Pathway of Awareness in our daily lives, and the crucial role our emotional body plays within this.

Let’s say a woman sees a dress hanging in a store window that she wants to have. While she has little or no emotional body awareness, and is therefore physically trance-fixed by the world, she will tell herself that she wants this dress "because of its appearance", or "because it is beautifully designed", or "because the fabric is so exquisite". She will mentally justify this desire for purchase by telling herself it is "because of the designer label", which means she is "guaranteed a product of high quality" and "the status that comes with adorning such a garment". Yet, neither of these are "the causal reason" why she buys the dress. If her emotional body awareness was awakened, she would know that what initially attracts her to the dress is "the promise of a feeling"; she unconsciously believes that if she purchases this garment and wears it, she will "feel good, happy, sexy, admired, wealthy, and/or successful."

The intended feeling is the causal point of her attraction to the garment, and the desire for this intended feeling is driven by the current condition of her emotional body. The condition of her emotional body is the causal point of the motivation to purchase, whether she is conscious of it or not. Once she believes the dress can accomplish this intent (this desired emotional state), she then moves obediently along The Pathway of Awareness; she mentally visits the possibility of obtaining the item. She asks herself: "How much does it cost? Can I afford this? Do I pay cash or put it on my credit card? How long will it take me to pay it off? By purchasing this dress what will I have to go without that I could have otherwise used the money for?" In other words, "Does the asking price of this dress equal the feeling I intend to receive by wearing it?"

The mental body then becomes the corridor which delivers her from "desiring the intended feeling" towards "physically acquiring the stuff intended to make the felt-experience possible". Once the mental body has made all the necessary calculations, if the feeling is still desired and perceived to be worth the expenditure, the dress is physically purchased, taken home, and worn. The woman’s experience has obediently moved along The Pathway of Awareness from emotional to mental to physical.

Once the transaction is complete and the woman is now wearing the garment, the emotional body remains the causal point of the intended experience. This is evident by the power and consequence of the feedback she receives when wearing it: If her friends give her that look, the that one says, "No honey, that dress does not look good on you at all" or, if during the course of the evening anything happens that causes her to feel uncomfortable about wearing it, that’s it! It’s all over! She will never wear that dress again. No matter how much she paid for it, if she feels uncomfortable in it, or about it, that dress might as well be thrown into the trash. Why? Because the feeling aspect of her experience is the causal point. This also applies to men buying trucks, children buying toys, and everything we buy to "keep up with our neighbors". And, for that matter, this includes any experience we enter. Whether we are aware of it or not, we judge the quality of every experience in our life through the lens of felt-perception.

On some level our politicians, religions, and corporations know this; feeling is what moves humanity. Yet, even when we are aware we are being emotionally manipulated this way, we remain vulnerable to this emotional bullying. Why? Because of an ongoing, cyclic, and very predicable unfolding within the human experience:

Firstly, our emotional body is imprinted during the first seven years of our childhood with patterns of fear, anger, and grief that we inherit from our family. These patterns go back countless generations and are left unattended while we are blinded to the reality of felt-perception. We do not even know they exist; we only see and interact with their effects. We also now live in an age in which we are powerfully imprinted through media; a child in front of a TV is "powerful imprinting at play". All religion, when exposed to us at an early age, is also very efficient at imprinting the emotional body with the images of a fearful, wrathful God. This imprinted emotional program can then easily be tapped into as a means to herd the psyche through the finger-wagging of authority figures. This childhood imprinting is why we so obediently bow in awe to our current gods; our political leaders, royalty, priesthood, corporate leaders, and celebrities. The way we voluntarily diminish ourselves in their presence is vile and nauseating.

Once the imprinting completes at around seven years old, our emotional body is then shut down. This occurs the moment we enter schooling. Once we enter any nationalized education institution there is no avenue provided for conscious emotional body development. Instead, emotional body awareness is depicted as weak and sinful. Religion is also efficient during this stage in its declaration of the emotional body as the source of sin, its suppression of it through its laws, and then simultaneously through its ongoing manipulation of it as a means to put the fear of God into its congregation.

Once the emotional body is shut down, all attention is then externalized through mental suggestion and physical imagery, deliberately focusing on overwhelming circumstances saturated with fear, anger, and grief. These outer displays of world chaos leave the individual feeling impotent.

Once these fearfully transmitted externalized threats are made believable in the eyes of the individual, all behavior can then be herded as a means to "be saved" from these; politicians promise to save us from our enemies, priests promise to save us from our sins, celebrities promise to save us from our boredom, and corporations promise save us from our hunger. Accordingly, we willingly build our entire lifestyle into a psychological bunker designed to defend us from these fearful threats – a bunker conveniently ruled by these babbling authority figures. Our lives then become an ongoing reaction to fear, as opposed to a response to love. Our focus is on outer chaos, as opposed to inner peace. And all through this maze of insanity, we are constantly distracted by the mental babble and physical imagery, intended to conveniently lead us by deliberate manipulation of our immature, unintegrated, and numbed emotional body.

To further prevent any awakening to emotional body awareness, sedation and control of all symptomatic indicators of the dysfunctional condition of the emotional body is encouraged through cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, medical treatment, media entertainment, junk food, and pharmaceuticals. We are allowed to feel only what we fed from outside sources.

"Dear human, do not be concerned, we are here to help you: If you begin to feel anything real at all, we have developed a course of medication to sedate and control the experience. Speak to your neighborhood doctor about any outbreak of real feeling that may occur and you will be prescribed a suitable medication – which you will have to then take for life. Even though you are likely to experience side-effects such dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and internal bleeding, this will be okay, because it is a small price to pay for not having to feel anything real."

One of the most insidious means used to manipulate humanity is religion. What is unfortunate is that those of us who real eyes this about religious organizations still feel a drive to seek out a some sort of active outer resolution for our lack of inner peace, and so we eagerly buy into consumer spirituality. What we may not initially real eyes is that The New Age Movement is potentially as insidious as any conservative religious organization, and in many cases more destructive, because it leads us to believe it is "saving us from the evils of religion". Yet, it too, with all its bells and whistles, leads us nowhere.

When the masses started becoming aware that religion is an opiate, "the spiritual movement" was introduced to us as a suitable replacement. We bought it.

The moment we follow something or somebody outside of us, we are again seeking our misplaced keys outside in the dark night under the false illumination of a street lamp. This is why there is a metaphoric expression that states: "If we meet Buddha along the way, we are to shoot him." Why? Because Buddha is so radiant, and we are currently so dimmed, that if we meet him face to face, we will be seduced into believing we are supposed to have his experience, not ours. Following another’s reflection is self-betrayal.

The moment we enter an outer physical practice or a mental debate as a means to know what is true for us, we are fiddling with the effect of our presence in the world and straying further from the causal point. The reality is that most of what we call "the spirituality movement" is an elaborate, ego-driven, and vibrationally impotent passageway that leads us to believe we are to clean the mirror because we see pimples on the face of the reflection. Yet, without emotional body awareness, we have no idea that this is what we are buying into. So, like children looking for candy, we excitedly buy into it. In this light, our many spiritual paths serve the will of our politicians, religions, and corporations; they keep us dumb’d down by leading us to believe we have found "the way to the light" – yet, they are just more outer street lights that seduce us into leaving our home to wander again through the darkness.

If anyone says, "Follow me", or if any organization declares, "Follow us", they are an artificial street light seducing us into wander away from our authentic inner light and into the artificially illuminated darkness of ignorance.

As long as we continue to believe that an awareness of peace is only possible to grasp through explorations of mentally complex fields of study, such as quantum physics, and through having to master various intricate physical spiritual practices, we are perceptually blind and wandering lost in the darkness - bumbling outside the vicinity of where anything real is known.

Einstein’s work never brought him into an authentic awareness of peace; it led him into ever-deepening emotional turmoil.

To authentically approach an awareness of the peace that always is, it is useful to first take note of how "the attainment of peace" is modeled to us by our politicians, priests, and corporations. It is necessary to observe the macrocosm of this behavior, as it clearly reflects the microcosm of our current personal behavior. Perceiving this insanity with clarity is a lucid lesson in how NOT to approach peace. Let us demon straight (set the demons straight) this perceptual error:

Currently, there are two ways that most of us approach peace in this world, and these differ according to what we perceive is the causal point of our experience:

When we believe the causal point of our experience is the physical, we behave as our politicians do: If we want to make peace, we tell everyone else to "Shut up and sit still!" so that we can be at peace. If we are not obeyed, we then enforce peace by sending in armed forces to confine others into circumstances we deem peaceful. This is the approach of a mentality which believes peace is a physical circumstance. There is no record in human history of achieving an awareness of peace by enforcing specific physical circumstances on others, and to therefore continue to honor such behavior is pure insanity. To place the word "force" and the word "peace" in the same sentence is only possible if we are evil. It is the same as placing the words "military" and "intelligence" next to each other.

When we believe the causal point of our experience is the mental, we behave like most international peace-keeping organizations do: If we want to make peace, we invite everyone to bring their written manifesto on what they believe would initiate peace, and then we sit around for weeks and discuss these points until we can agree on a common manifesto that is acceptable to all concerned. Once we are in agreement, we call in the media and sign this document publicly. This is how we behave if we believe that peace is a mental concept. There is no record in human history of achieving an awareness of peace by treating it as a mental concept, and therefore to continue to honor such behavior is pure insanity. To place the words "enforce" or "force", and the word "peace" in the same sentence is only possible if we are evil. In fact, we have to be stark raving mad to do so. To believe we can accomplish peace authentically through "mental agreement" with others is insanity. To behave as if "peace arises out of discussion" only appears feasible when we are evil.

These two approaches are a macrocosm clearly reflecting the microcosm of how we conduct ourselves within our individual life experience. We treat our self, families, lovers, friends, and communities the same way our politicians, religions, corporations, and peace organizations behave when they attempt to "make peace". We are all guilty of behaving in this manner; attempting to adjust the quality of our life experience by arranging the physical circumstances, or by attempting to adjust our mental concept of them. Both approaches are in effect you all. Both are evil; backwards behavior. Both treat the effect of what is unfolding as if it is the cause of what is unfolding.

Peace is not a physical circumstance, although it can be perceived through physical circumstances. Peace is also not a mental concept, although it can be communicated as one, just as we are accomplishing through this text.

The authentic awareness of peace is initially perceived by us as "a feeling".

We only know peace when we feel peace.

According to The Pathway of Awareness, when we authentically "feel peace", this feeling radiates automatically from within our energy-in-motion body (emotional) into our thought forms (mental), and is only then reflected back to us from and through our outer circumstances (physical).

The very notion that "we have to make peace" is a gross perceptual error that breeds delusionary behavior. Only the emotionally numb buy into such a concept! Authentic peace is of the vibrational. Peace is a vibration that is to be felt to initially be perceived. Peace is also an experience that is already given; it is not something we have to make. The entire earth is at peace. The region we call The Middle East is and always has been immersed within peace. The whole of Africa is immersed within peace.

Our entire planet is embraced by the vibration of peace; just remove all the humans from any war-torn environment and what immediately becomes evident is the peace that always is. There is only peace.

It is therefore a gross perceptual error to assume "we have to make peace". We do not have to make peace; all that is required is to become aware of the inner emotional condition within our current human experience that is obscuring the peace that is already given.

Peace is given; it is a human birthright.

Love is given; it is a human birthright.

Joy is given; it is a human birthright.

Because peace, joy, and love are already given, we cannot, through physical and mental manipulation, through our thinking or doing, manipulate an existing experience into a peaceful, loving, and joyful one. This is like trying to wet water, or trying to place our hand on a mirror in an attempt to touch the face we see in the reflection.

Our task is not to "make peace", but to bring our awareness to what it is about our current experience that is obscuring our realization of the peace, love, and joy that is always present. Bringing awareness to this perceptual error, the mistaken assumption that "we must make peace", and then entering that task to cleanse the condition within our emotional body that propagates our impotence in the realm of felt-perception, gradually transforms our current experience so we may become vulnerable to effortlessly realizing the peace that already is. To accomplish this does not require "doing"; it requires feeling. It requires undoing, "not-doing", a state of being.

It is only through realizing that the authentic peace we seek is only possible through the medium of felt-perception that we wipe clean the slate of physical and mental complexity which has confused us for seeming eternity. What are we? What is God for us? Where exactly are we now? These questions have plagued us and driven many of us insane. Yet, the answers are simple:

What we are is "a vibration".

What God is for us is "a vibration".

Where we are right now is in the midst of "a vibration".

Yes, I know, this is not the answer we are seeking because we have been indoctrinated into looking for something else; something mysterious event hidden by conceptual words such as "enlightenment"; some fantastical state adorned with cosmic bells and whistles!

The reason the word "vibration" does not appear to be the answer we are seeking is because it is not an answer we can comprehend when we approach it mentally or physically. This answer is "a felt-experience"; an experience only possible through the vocabulary of emotional body awareness.

"A vibration" is felt, not "done" or "thought".

The physical body can barely feel the vibration of what we are, what God is for us, or where we are; it is way too dense. And, to actually feel this vibration through the physical senses requires being fully present within the body – a place in which we do not resided. We do not reside in the physical body but instead habitually reside in our thinking – in the mental body. We are numb to our physical body because entering this experience requires "feeling", and feeling is "a big no-no". Consequently, our addiction to being out of body and residing primarily in our thoughts presents a massive problem: A thought cannot experientially interact with a vibration like peace because a thought cannot feel. Thought has no feeling capacity at all. This is why our current human mentality is devoid of conscience; conscience is not a thought - it is a radiance of felt-perception.

When we are thinking we are not feeling. When we are thinking we have no idea what we are, what God is for us, or where we are. When we are thinking we are asleep and dreaming. As long as we believe thinking or doing is the answer to entering an authentic awareness of peace, we are perceptually blind and therefore immune to the experience.

The only aspect of our experience that has the capacity to approach our vibrational reality is the feeling body. Yet, when it is shut down, suppressed, and externalized by fear, anger, and grief, its capacity to interact with this vibrational reality is also shut down. Consequently, when we cannot feel this vibrational essence within, we unconsciously seek it without, and because we seek it without, we are easily led into a dark night and find ourselves wandering aimlessly under street lamps looking for something where it cannot be found.

The reality is that what we are, what God is for us, and the true identity of where we really are right now, speaks to us clearly in every moment. Every human on this planet is being continually exposed to this reality. There is only peace. There is only love. There is only what we really are. Why then do we not perceive this as such, we may ask?

As already stated, the one reason is because by seeking to perceive this reality with the mental and physical body, with our physical eyes and our mental understanding; we are mistakenly using a means to accomplish this that does not have the capacity to do so. But there is another factor…

Our inability to perceive ourselves as we truly, or the vibration of peace in which we are constantly immersed, is also because our heart is a lens. The vibrational flow called peace, love, and joy, which is given to all as a birthright, and which constantly flows into this world in every moment, appears to us according to the current condition of our human heart. This vibrational resonance, which we may call "peace", first passes through the portal of heart and only then into our thoughts and physical circumstances. As it passes through the heart, it is transformed according to the present condition of the heart. If our heart is filled with suppressed fear, anger, and grief, then this pure vibrational resonance appears within our emotional experience as disturbed states of feeling and in our mental body as fearful, angry, and grieving thoughts. These disturbing emotions and confused thoughts are then reflected upon our world as fearful, angry, and grieving circumstances.

It is only when we have integrated these dysfunctional emotional conditions that the light and sound of the vibrational realm shines and chimes clearly through our feelings, thoughts, and physical experiences. To therefore attempt to approach an awareness of peace by changing our thinking or physical circumstances, without first integrating the matters of the heart, is insanity. Such behavior is to live backwards, and the word "live" spelt backwards is…

Emotional cleansing that leads to the reawakening and maturing of felt-perception is therefore the only authentic path into liberation from human suffering; not "thinking" or "doing". This is what THE PRESENCE PROCESS procedure and the many other emotional cleansing procedures now arising on this planet are inviting us to explore; an opportunity to individually, self-facilitate ourselves into commencing this great work of cleansing the heart-lens. Only when we cleanse our own heart-lens do we liberate ourselves from the clutches and insane agendas of the sheep herders of this world; those who profess to be "the light of our world" but in reality who are dim-lit street lights and artificial colored neon signs. Once the eyes of the heart open, the bells and whistles that enchanted us become the mere ineffectual trinkets they really are. Also, the experience that sagged with boredom then reveals itself to be the eternal majesty of The Kingdom.

Once we are aware of the role the emotional body plays in our relationship with what we are, with what God is for us, and in identifying exactly where we are right now, then how to practically and experientially approach the answer to these three questions is obvious:

Our feelings in any given moment are emanations of our authentic vibrational identity flowing through the emotional body into our mental and physical awareness.

To know what we are, is to feel our feelings (physically and emotionally) as they are. To know what God is for us is to feel our feelings (physical and emotional) exactly as they are. To know where we are really located right now is to feel our feelings (physical and emotional) exactly as they are right now. Only our feeling body has the capacity to transmit these vibrational truths into our experiential awareness. Only the feeling body has the perceptual capacity to grasp them. The moment we depart our awareness of the feeling body and start telling stories about our feelings, or the moment we start taking physical action based on the stories we tell about our feelings, we are again wandering away from our home into the night, searching the darkness under artificial illumination.

The heart is the portal into reality…

Our current relationship with feeling is our current relationship with our Self. Our current relationship with feeling is our current relationship with what God is for us. Our current relationship with feeling is our current relationship with where we really are right now.

Yes, we have been led to believe that it is more complex than this. Yet, it is not. Until our heart is open and clear, until we commit to feeling what we are really feeling, without sedating and controlling the experience, our mental body remains confused and our physical experience reflects ghosts and phantoms seeded by our self-imposed suppression, sedation and control. Until our heart is open and clear, the mental and physical realm cannot be used as a means to approach what is real. Until our heart is open and clear, the mental and physical bodies are only useful as barometers for perceiving the evidence of underlying emotional conditions that obscure what is real.

However, our feeling body is always tuning into what is real right now. Even when these feelings are distorted by unintegrated conditions within our emotional body, they are still being set into motion by the vibrational, and hence are a direct link into the vibrational. All our feelings - distorted or not - are emanations of the vibrational speaking to us right now in the only language we currently have at our disposal.

Right now, our feeling body is the only means to interact directly with what peace is.

When we make a commitment to honor this felt-aspect of our human experience, we gradually depart ineffectual behavior and become causally anchored. Our feeling body is the key to The Kingdom that empowers us to awaken from the endless of daze of The Boredom. It would be great if it were more complicated than this, because then we could start a religion about worshipping some complicated mental doctrine, or about bowing to some outer physical idol intended save us from having to feel what is real. But it’s not so complicated; feeling is the heart of the matter in every respect.


The most powerful prayer we can pray right now is one that gradually brings our awareness to the peace that already is, and one that does so in a manner that simultaneously awakens and empowers us to perceive this state of peace.

It feels appropriate to finish off this piece on peace by offering a felt-practice that empowers us to accomplish such a task. Most of us have been led to believe that praying involves a physical and mental practice, and that this actually accomplishes something real. This is possibly why many of us no longer bother praying. Authentic prayer is not about the physical, and the mental aspect of the practice is only useful when its intent is to activate "a feeling".

Authentic prayer is feeling intentionally.

Just as the vibrational body is constantly speaking to us through the portal of the feeling body, we too may use the feeling body as a portal to communicate consciously with what we are, with what God is for us, and directly into the causal fabric of where we are right now. We are already doing this unconsciously 24-hours a day.

Because only the feeling body has the capacity to approach and impact the vibrational, whatever we feel in each given moment is perceived by the vibrational as a request; "Ask and you shall receive."

We all live in an "Ask and you shall receive" relationship. What we may not be aware of is that the asking is done through "feeling". If we always feel afraid, then the vibrational assumes we are seeking more fear. If we are always angry, then the vibrational assumes we are seeking more anger. Accordingly, it sets up experiences for us to encounter increased fear and anger. It is therefore highly recommended to take a moment or more each day to consciously communicate into the vibrational what it is we really seek more awareness of. To accomplish this is easy; we use the only aspect of our human experience that can be perceived by and therefore have impact within the vibrational; our feelings.

Because we may not yet efficient at communicating our feelings without simultaneously using the mental body, when offering a prayer it is beneficial to select words that encapsulate the feelings we seek to magnify within our experience. Shared here is a list of words deliberately chosen to gradually bring our awareness into the experience of the authentic peace in which we are always immersed. We may work with them as follows:

We say each word internally. After saying each word we allow a pause for felt-perception to unfold; we allow the word sit within us until we feel the feeling that resonates with the word.

As we feel the feeling, we gently breathe this feeling in and then release it.

We move through the list of words in the sequence in which they appear.

Once we have moved through all the words, our prayer is complete.

The prayer is the feeling initiated by the words, not the words themselves.

The words are:








These chosen words build upon each other and are energetically interlinked and aligned. First authenticity is to be fully activated before integrity is fully realized. Until integrity is fully realized, true intimacy is not possible. Until intimacy is possible, presence cannot be fully known. Until presence is truly know, the peace that already is, is not revealed. Until peace is revealed, the immense blessing of grace is not appreciated. Until grace is truly appreciated, the immense power of gratitude is not fully unleashed.

As we repeat these words internally at various junctures of our day, and as we allow ourselves to feel the feelings they emanate, we real eyes that a word like "authenticity" has a specific feeling to it, just as other words have distinct and very specific felt-radiances to them. By consciously feeling these feelings we appreciate them, and through appreciation, these vibrational states of beingness are gradually increased within our life experience. As they are increased, we radiate these vibrational states into our world experience; we become emanations of these vibrational states through our thoughts, words, and deeds. The more we feel these vibrations, the more they appreciate. Consequently, the temporary and artificial feelings the outside world offers us reveal themselves as bland and empty, and we gradually free ourselves of the puppet strings fastened through our need and want for outer felt-gratification.

Even if we only repeat these words once a day, with an emphasis on feeling them, we still make an impact on our overall experience by successfully adding the awareness of these vibrational essences to a world that believes these can only be found in the darkness under artificial light. With practice, the intent is to be able to emanate this prayer without requiring the mental body concepts to anchor the feelings. Accomplishing this means we are able to truly speak from the heart, with the heart – to feel these feelings without a necessity for words. The more we offer this prayer, the more powerful these felt-states become within us. Then, whenever we enter and move through challenging outer circumstances, we are able to internally hold these states "no matter what". This is when we become a vibrational force to be reckoned with in this world. Then, we real eyes that although it is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words", it is truer that, "A feeling consciously anchored is worth everything in this world".

Empowering ourselves with the language of the heart as a means to awaken to an awareness of the peace in which we are already immersed is not revolutionary; it is evolutionary. The heart is the portal through which we throw off the old garments of fear, anger, and grief, and step into the consciousness of a transformed, empowered, and emotionally mature and responsible new species.

Feeling our way through these times is the heart of the matter. Well, that’s how it feels to me. That is my story, and I am going to stick to it.

"It’s not about feeling better – it’s about getting better at feeling."

Michael Brown ©