There is a vast difference between revolutionary and evolutionary behavior; revolutionary behavior manufactures a future by reacting to the past, while evolutionary behavior enters the unknown by responding to the present moment.


Revolutionary behavior is an approach in which we use the same means to attempt to transform our experience as is used by that which we perceive to be maintaining our present state of discomfort. For example, we may use violence as a means to overcome that which we perceive to be inflicting violence upon us. The consequence is that "the revolutionary" imitates and therefore becomes the very essence of that which they seek to overcome.

Phonetically, this predicament is evident in the word, "revolution", as in "moving round and around in a circle". Revolutionary behavior is a predictable wheel of reactive behavior that revolves and returns, ensuring the victim inevitably transforms into the victor. By adopting reactive behavior that leads into becoming a victor, one automatically births new victims that at some point in time seek their own revolutionary emancipation. Thus, in the long term, the act of revolution serves the intent of the energy seeking to maintain an oppressive status quo. When we use the same means, we invariably support and manifest the same end. This is why the act of revolution does not initiate authentic peace and harmony; it only seeds inevitable conflict and subsequent rebirth into ongoing states of revolution. Revolution is therefore a subtle tool of oppression used to maintain a state of oppression. This is why an outbreak of revolutionary behavior in any society is always secretly instigated, funded, and supported by the very oppressive consciousness it seeks to overcome.

Evolutionary behavior is different in that its means of transformation are completely foreign to the behavior of the energies perceived to be maintaining the oppressive status quo. Evolutionary behavior is responsive, not reactive. It does not engage in or initiate conflict against anything and therefore does not perpetuate conflict. It neutralizes conflict by not appreciating it. Whereas revolutionary behavior seeks to make outer adjustments by controlling or sedating an experience, evolutionary behavior initiates only inner adjustment. Because the means of evolutionaries are completely different to revolutionaries, the outcomes they initiate do not predictably revolve, return, and re-enter the very experience from which departure is sought. Evolutionary behavior initiates complete and lasting transformation.

Dinosaurs fighting each other is revolution.

Dinosaurs becoming eagles is evolution.

There is an inner energetic world that cannot be perceived with our physical eyes or our mental concepts. Yet, it exists, has its own reality, and profoundly impacts every aspect of our mental and physical experience in each moment. It impacts us because it operates from the causal point of our current experiences. While we do not consciously take responsibility for our experiences this unseen energetic world runs the show "behind the scenes". Because we cannot perceive this arrangement it appears as if our outer world is randomly chaotic. It appears as if the events around us are happening to us, are "out of our control", and therefore that we are victims of outer circumstances we need to overcome.

This invisible world is the energetic realm, the world of energy in motion, the emotional world; a world that is only possible to know through reawakening emotional body awareness. Emotional body awareness is "felt-perception". It is the ability to feel the consequences of our presence in this world; to be aware of the impact of our thoughts, words, and deeds even before we put them into play. Felt-perception enables us to feel our absolute connectedness with all life no matter what form it embodies. Functioning from felt-perception, or emotional body awareness, is the same as functioning from the heart. This energetic world is the heart of the matter.

As we depart our childhood experience and enter "the adult world" we are automatically stripped of emotional body awareness and primarily enter a state of "thought-perception" in which we become mentally hypnotized and physically transfixed by our outer experiences. We subsequently enter a world experience in which we only perceive the effect and not the cause. Consequently, we mistakenly embrace the physical world as the causal point of all our experiences (seeing becomes believing) and we base the validity of our experience on our ability to mentally understand it. If the mechanisms of an experience are not visible to us, and we cannot mentally understand it, we automatically dismiss it as "not real". This is why the energetic world, the inner world we cannot perceive with our physical eyes or analyze with our mental concepts, is easy to dismiss as non-existent.

A revolutionary is a human being who believes and behaves as if "the effect is the cause" because they are blind to the inner world of energetic causality. A revolutionary observes the physical circumstances of the world and analyses these mentally, and based on these limited means of perception, attempts to make causal changes to their experience. A revolutionary therefore looks at political, religious, and economic systems as the causal points of the conditions that dissatisfy them. They believe that by physically and mentally changing these, their life circumstances will improve; that peace can be accomplished through re-arranging physical circumstances and embracing specific mental philosophies. They believe in this so much that they are willing to fight, die, and sacrifice other’s lives to accomplish these changes.

Revolutionaries are always ineffectual (in-effect-you-all).

No revolutionary ever succeeds because peace is not realized through a re-arrangement of physical circumstances, nor is it realized through mental philosophizing. What a revolutionary cannot perceive, because they have no emotional body awareness, is that peace is "a feeling" - a frequency - an energetic circumstance that exists everywhere, all the time. Peace cannot be manufactured physically or mentally. It cannot be enforced. Peace already exists; it is part of the fabric of creation. Peace is given, ongoing, and eternal. It has always been, is, and always will be.

When we are unable to perceive peace it is because its resonance is being obscured by an imbalanced energetic experience; an emotional blockage that is being radiated through our mental and into our physical experience. We have labeled the emotional, mental, and physical manifestation of this energetic dysfunction "conflict". When we remove any conflict taking place between humans in any part of the world by removing all the humans involved in the conflict, peace is evident. Any natural environment free of humans who are in conflict with themselves and therefore each other is automatically peaceful.

Peace does not require the presence of humans.

An environment does not require the presence of humans to attain peace; there is peace on the moon. It is the externalization of humanity’s inner conflict that obscures the peace that is always present. A revolutionary cannot comprehend this and therefore uses conflict as a tool to enforce a mental concept or a physical circumstance they believe will enforce peace. Conflict, by its nature, always leaves conflict in its wake. The only condition in which conflict leads to peace is when conflict eats itself up until there are no longer points upon which to anchor itself. A conflict that erupts to a point where it annihilates all humans from the planet is one way to restore peace. This would constitute a revolutionary approach

At present we have four distinct world experiences on this planet; the vibrational, the emotional, the mental, and the physical.

When we anchor our awareness in the vibrational, our awareness consciously includes the emotional, mental, and physical expressions of our vibrational consciousness.

When we anchor our awareness in the emotional, our awareness consciously includes the mental and physical expressions of our emotional consciousness, but is unconscious to the vibrational.

When we anchor our awareness in the mental, our awareness consciously includes the physical, but is unconscious to the emotional and vibrational.

When we anchor our awareness in the physical, our awareness remains unconscious to the mental, emotional, and vibrational.

The current condition of humanity is that the vast majority of us presently have our awareness anchored in the mental and/or physical, and therefore we are unaware of the emotional, and completely unconscious to the vibrational.

When our awareness is anchored in the mental and/or physical, the emotional and vibrational worlds do not exist to us as something real.

Because the emotional realm at this time is the causal point of our experiences, and because most of us cannot presently perceive this to be so, victor and victim mentality is rife. Our world experience therefore appears as a series of events that are happening to us, chaotically, seemingly out of control, and without meaning or order. Because there is no apparent causal point for our experiences when we have our attention anchored to the mental and/or physical realm, we reactively resort to blaming others as a tool to seek comfort from this seeming chaos. We perceive ourselves as victims and react to this state by attempting to become victors. This is why it is currently acceptable behavior to attempt to change our personal circumstances by resorting to revolutionary activity; by reactively making external adjustments to seemingly oppressive mental concepts and physical conditions.

As we continue to embark upon this reactive revolutionary pathway, we do so driven by a belief that the particular political, religious, and economic beliefs we are attempting to impose through our reactive behavior are the answer to any condition in which we are experiencing discomfort and dissatisfaction. We therefore unashamedly pick sides, blame others, and subsequently kill in the name of enforcing our version of peace. This approach is delusional; it is revolutionary. It places our life experiences upon a predictable Ferris Wheel that delivers us right back into the heart of the conflict we seek to overcome. Until we can clearly perceive this, and choose to move beyond such delusional behavior, we do not evolve – we only revolve.

Being a revolutionary is as futile as being a pacifist. Pacifists are also reactive; they represent the polar opposite extremity to revolutionary behavior.

Pacifists are depressed revolutionaries.

Pacifists reactively elect not to participate, and thus disengage from any co-creative relationship with their experience. As opposed to believing their experience is happing to them, pacifists behave as if their experience is not happening at all. They are equally delusional and the consequence of such irresponsible behavior, of this stance of denial, inevitably seeds victim mentality. At some point in time this victim mentality awakens reactively into revolutionary behavior and therefore pacifism also unconsciously supports the outer conflict that erupts out of denial of personal responsibility.

Pacifism is not to be confused with "defenselessness" as is practiced by certain Buddhist or other spiritual lineages. Authentic defenselessness is not pacifism. The state of defenselessness only becomes pacifism when it incorporates "denial of personal responsibility for the quality of one’s experience". Authentic defenselessness is not passive in that it consciously, actively, and consistently embraces personal responsibility for the quality of one’s experience and acts internally from this state of being upon the causal point from which all consequence flow. Authentic defenselessness is an internal energetic activity that is perceived outwardly as stillness because it initiates no perceivable mental and physical reactivity. Pacifism, though outwardly appearing as stillness, is always a reaction to outer circumstances and all the outer stillness exhibited by this reactive behavior is a merely a disguised state of inner emotional paralysis.

Revolutionaries and pacifists behave the way they do because they are emotionally immature and therefore weak.


Our vibrational body is currently in the process of experiencing a shift so foreign to our awareness that there is no juncture in our present human history which we can use as a barometer to comprehend this. This shift is increasing exponentially and causing massive energetic surges in our emotional body which are being radiated into our mental and physical experience. While we entertain unconscious points of conflict within our emotional body, which prevent these surges of energy from flowing freely, these escalating vibrational shifts show up in our outer experience as increasing mental confusion and physical chaos. If our internal emotional obstructions are not consciously cleared, the subsequent mental confusion and physical chaos leads to an inevitable singular consequence: loss of our physical form. As this period of vibrational shifting unfolds, humanity’s inability to integrate this inner experience will be perceived as an escalating rate of death experiences upon the planet. It is possible that up to two thirds of humanity may lose their physical form purely because of an inability to process unintegrated emotions.

Because most of us presently have our awareness anchored in the mental and/or the physical, this unfolding vibrational shift appears to us as "encroaching outer cataclysm". It appears as:

Escalating and unpredictable fluctuations in weather.

Destabilization of political systems.

Massing of religious differences.

Looming economic breakdown.

Widespread famine.

Plague, poverty, and the surfacing of mysterious and untreatable diseases.

Because most of us have our awareness anchored in the mental and/or the physical, we assume we can counteract this outwardly reflected inner shift through adjustment of mental philosophies and physical circumstances; through revolutionary behavior. This, however, is impossible and only exaggerates the experience. Consequently, within a very short time period reactive revolutionary behavior has the potential of becoming so unconscious and exaggerated that it may even attempt to exterminate large portions of humanity in the name of accomplishing peace and harmony. All revolutionary behavior, including pacifism, is self-destructive. All such outer attempts at adjusting the religious, political, and economic manifestations of our internal experiences as a means to sedate and control this escalating vibrational shift is futile. Revolutionary behavior is hopeless.

If we had the insight to know with absolute certainty that four out of every six people we see today will not be able to maintain the integrity of their physical vehicle over the next few years, would we continue behaving in the same reactive manner that has always led us into disharmony within our own physical, mental, and emotional experience? Would we react to this insight or seek to evolve responsibly through it?

If we continue to engage outer conflict with conflict we do not stand a chance of remaining conscious through the vibrational shift now unfolding. If we do not consciously make ourselves vulnerable to integrating the unconsciousness that drives our projected experiences of fear, anger, and grief, we continue manifesting emotional, mental, and physical experiences that inevitably culminate in the loss of our physical body. There is nothing we can do outwardly to stop this internal vibrational shift, and in this light, the authentic Buddhist practice of defenselessness is now of extreme usefulness; not as a means to escape into some Nirvana, but as a tool to embrace the present moment as consciously as possible.

We cannot afford to use the same means of conflict in an attempt to defend ourselves from any conflict we perceive aimed at us from the outer world. All attempts to do so will lead us into illusionary manifestations that only serve to support delusionary behavior. All outer conflict we presently perceive in our life experience, making itself visible by the fact that it triggers us emotionally, whether we perceive it physically, mentally, or emotionally, is a reflection of our own unintegrated unconsciousness. To attack such reflections is revolutionary and to deny their existence is pacifism. Neither of these behavioral pathways can lead us through this present human experience as both are reactively extremist and subsequently breed imbalance.

As this era of evolution escalates, the world around us will insist we pick and join a side in combating or defending ourselves against these increasing, escalating, and seemingly terrifying outer predicaments. Yet, if we do, we shall navigate ourselves into an inevitable physical death experience instead of a vibrational transformational experience. NOW is the time to embrace "the middle path", not the extremes.

The middle path unfolds when we consciously acknowledge the outer mental and physical experience as being a clear reflection of our inner condition. The middle path is a choice not to dance unconsciously with ghosts of the past and phantoms of the future, but instead to act inwardly to restore balance at the causal point of our energetic conflicts.

We activate our journey upon the middle path by consciously wielding our feeling body, by moving our attention to the emotional aspect of any mental and physical experience that triggers us uncomfortably. This responsible, evolutionary practice prevents our attention from being projected out into the world into blame and instead shifts our awareness inwardly so that we move to the energetic causal point of any perceived conflict. To successfully hold our attention upon the emotional content of any uncomfortable experience we have to let go of our mental story and its association with our outer physical circumstances. It is the presence of our conscious attention and compassionate intent that initiates transformation of the unintegrated energetic condition within us. This quality of awareness is not possible when we choose to distract ourselves mentally with the outer physical reflections being cast by our inner energetic blockages.

As we bring our attention to the causal point of our uncomfortable experiences, and through this responsible practice of presence awareness, integrate these points of inner conflict, we experience less and less unconscious association with the human drama erupting in the world. Consequently, we become radiating portals of peace. This automatically protects the integrity of our physical form and serves as cooling shade to the heat of conflict around us.

By integrating our internal emotional blockages we diminish the obstacles within the emotional body that resist the unfolding vibrational shift. This empowers us to maintain our physical form throughout the entirety of this evolutionary experience. The middle path therefore does not entertain antagonistic or submissive behavior; it calls for mature action, personal responsibility, willing alertness, and ongoing presence awareness within each moment of our life experience. The middle path is not for the weak; it is invisible to the revolutionary and the pacifist.


Many of us entered THE PRESENCE PROCESS driven by our personal physical, mental, and emotional issues. Yet thinking that this procedure, this integrative energetic technology, is only for the resolution of our personal issues is to believe that the Space Shuttle is designed to carry commuters from London to France. THE PRESENCE PROCESS is bigger than the confines of our personal stories; it is a tool that empowers us to consciously participate in the evolutionary process of our human family.

THE PRESENCE PROCESS delivers us beyond revolutionary behavior and pacifism into the level of responsibility required to navigate our way through the most extraordinary experience yet to face our human family in recorded history. It delivers us beyond the limitations of our political, religious, and economic systems by transforming us from reactors to responders. It shifts our awareness from being distracted by the illusions of what we see happening outside, to becoming vulnerable to the clarity emanating from insight (inside). This behavioral shift from reactivity to responsibility is essential for our present evolutionary leap.

It doesn’t matter whether we accomplish the full cleansing of our emotional body, whether we lose those few pounds of weight we are currently obsessed with, or whether we manage to completely neutralize the anger we often feel simmering beneath the surface of our experience.

We will not lose our physical vehicle because we are not behaving perfectly; we will only lose it because we are not choosing to behave responsibly.

In this light, all who enter and complete THE PRESENCE PROCESS (at least twice is recommended), and who continue to take responsibility for the quality (emotional content) of their experiences successfully equip themselves to navigate through the transitionary period we now experience. This is true for all emotional cleansing procedures that transform our behavior from reactive to responsive. THE PRESENCE PROCESS is not the only such procedure currently available on the planet. It would be arrogant and naïve to make such an assumption. However, if this particular procedure works for us, then let us dedicate ourselves to exploring it to the best of our ability.

Our current physical body is the only vehicle equipped to carry us consciously across the bridge that delivers us from the unconscious state of our ancient, dying human species, into a level of awareness that forever alters the human journey as we presently perceive it. In this respect the physical body is our means of transportation, the mental body our navigational tool, and the emotional body our source of fuel. Accordingly, we are given the following recommendations:

To adopt practices that empower us to enter the physical body as fully and as consistently as possible.

To consciously and responsibly wield our mental body by placing our attention upon whatever it is we seek to appreciate (to make more of through gratitude), which involves consciously shifting our attention away from all that supports unconscious reactivity.

To consistently integrate our emotional blockages as they surface into our awareness.

To allow all emotional experiences to enter our field of awareness without judgment or concern so that this ever-increasing array of feeling-vocabulary becomes part of the available fuel to initiate and facilitate our movement into increasingly expanded states of vibrational awareness.

Whenever judgment and concern arise in our experience, to take responsibility for dying consciously to these stories and dissolving the illusions they maintain by integrating the emotional charges attached to them.

To desist from interfering (entering fear) with others, trying to "save" others, trying to "help" others without their request, and trying to "explain what is happening" to those within our experience who have no context for such awareness and who are therefore not seeking our opinions or advice.

Conversionism always births conflict, anxiety, confusion, and fear.

Remember that most of humanity presently has its awareness anchored in the mental and/or physical, and therefore the emotional and vibrational realms remain invisible. It is by our example that we impact the awareness and subsequently the behavior of others, not our words, concepts, or "good intentions".

Evolution is the consequence of authentic alchemy; of "doing unto ourselves as we would have others do".

NOW is a time for deep gratitude; for appreciating the escalating levels of vibrational awareness we are currently experiencing. NOW is the time for savoring the following realization:

The Divine Presence that delivers us consciously through this very moment is inviting us to enter the awe of our present circumstance in a manner that empowers us to journey beyond the necessity for outer validation upon the wings of unshakable inner faith.

Upon the wings of our faith we ride into the embrace of "no order of difficulty" and activate the miracle of experientially "being in the world but not of it".

"Viva la evolucion!"

Michael Brown ©