Part I: Skimming The Surface: A shamanic approach and perspective to enhancing physical well being, mental clarity, and emotional balance.


This article is written to share a profound energetic practice with you that I have been applying within my own experience. I am sharing it because the consequences are immediate, profound, and liberating. It is simple, and like most authentic emotional body practices, it is "a not-doing". Applying it, which is as effortless as it is simple, requires only awareness. Within just a few days of its application immediate shifts are noticeable, and when wielded consistently for a few weeks, profound transformations are initiated. It is called it, "The I-C-U".

Before revealing it, it is facilitating to create the necessary contextÖ

There is "a thing" that happens to us all, that has become part of our life, which at times drives us crazy. It often commences with a seemingly outer trigger. Other times, it appears to come at us, to enter our field of experience, out of nowhere. It usually snakes into our experience as "a particular thought pattern" which persuades us to enter reactive behavior. This thought pattern is always tinged with the resonance of self-righteousness. It repeats over and over in our mental body until, hypnotized, we act on it. By the time we take the action it provokes we feel justified, convinced, and passionate that "we are right in doing so". This hypnotic thought-stream is powerfully persuasive. It puts forward an air-tight case for the recommended reactive behavior. However, when we do enter the suggested reactivity, we inevitably wish we had not. The emotional fix we receive from our reactive behavior, though initially giving us a surge of false uplift, inevitably trails off and leaves us feeling somewhat bewildered, as if we are waking from a trance-like state. When we do awake to what we have done, to the circumstances we have set into motion through our self-righteousness, we do not feel comfortable at all. Our reactive behavior also "stirs the pot"; it invariably triggers others into uncalled for emotional upset. Only once this widening resonance of "upsetting others" occurs do we realize we have acted as if "under a spell".

You know exactly what I am referring to, right? You know because this often happens to you. It happens often enough that this experience has become part of who you perceive yourself to be. You have identified with it. Yet, this is not you. This article contains a simple practice that experientially proves this to you. It also empowers you to liberate yourself from this predicament. There is nothing wrong with you, but there is "an energetic blind spot" in your awareness rendering you vulnerable to something. The intent of this article is to provide you with the tools and insights that empower you to integrate this predicament.

If you have read or entered THE PRESENCE PROCESS, or any of my writings related to that procedure, you will be familiar with the mechanisms of "emotional printing" and of how others, through outer reflection, trigger an inner awareness of this imprinting by upsetting, or "setting us up". This we call "the messenger" experience. You may therefore assume that the energetic experience I have just described, that leads us into regrettable reactive behavior, is the same as "the messenger experience". It is related, but it is not the same. It is still "a set up", it is still related to our "emotional imprinting", but it is more subtle than this.

The experience of being triggered into emotionally-driven reactive behavior through a hypnotic, repetitive thought-form is an encounter with parasitic, energetic, entities. The difference between "a messenger" and "a parasite" is this: A messenger reflects our unhealed emotional wounds back to us so that we have an opportunity to integrate them, while a parasite deviously preys on them as a means to manipulate the condition of our emotional field.

Yes, I know, this may sound creepy, but in most cases it is no creepier than the presence of fleas on a dog. Like an animal that has had fleas for a long time, we do not even perceive the presence of energetic parasites in our field; we can only initially "see" them by observing the impact of their presence. And, until we can see them, we remain the unaware suppliers of their required nutrition.

Entertaining parasites of any nature diminishes physical health and well being, clouds our mental processes, and adds further imbalance to our emotional condition. We have all lived as hosts to energetic parasites since childhood and this why we mistakenly identify with the impact of their occupation within our energy field. Like a dog that has fleas, we scratch and scratch and regard scratching as being part of our life experience. And just like dogs, we cannot see the fleas that are causing the itching and so cannot do anything but scratch. Sometimes these "fleas" are more serious; sometimes they are ticks that not only suck at our life force, they also carry and spread debilitating diseases.

This parasitic activity is taking place energetically, within our "energy in motion" field, within our emotional field. Just as emotions are invisible to the physical eye, and cannot be perceived other than through their visibly displayed outward expressions in the world, or through our felt-perception of them, so too are energetic parasites invisible to us. They too can only be perceived through felt-perception and through the displayed impact their presence is having on our overall physical, mental, and emotional experience.

Just because we cannot see something does not mean it is not there.

Fortunately, it is simple and effortless to energetically de-flea and de-tick ourselves. Also, even if the predicament of us "hosting parasitic entities in our energy field" sounds far-fetched, by practicing the procedure shared in this article, and then seeing the impact it has on our overall experience, we will know without a doubt that something that was once perceived as part of us has departed. Then we may make up our own mind as to what it was in the first place that caused us to metaphorically "scratch" at particular discomforts within our life experience.

If you find the whole idea of energetic parasites unacceptable, then this is my invitation to you: Keep and open mind and suspend all belief for now because you have more to gain by eliminating these parasites from your energy system that I have from convincing you they exist.

The way these parasitic entities function is that they "play upon our unintegrated emotional imprinting". They take advantage of "our energetic wounds"; the presence of unintegrated emotional conditions within our energy field. For example, if as a child I have an experience of being molested, this emotional imprint, which is made up of a salad of fear, anger, and grief, remains unintegrated until I consciously become aware of it and have the perceptual tools to transform it. While this condition remains unintegrated, it is a festering energetic wound that can be tapped into by any thing that has the capacity to perceive it within my energy field.

When I am triggered in such a way that I am reminded of the initial molestation event of my childhood, I automatically release a reactive emotional charge. This energetic charge is then available as "an energetic food". In other words, if an intelligence, whose sustenance is the emotional soup of fear, anger, and grief, perceives this unintegrated condition within my emotional body, it can skillfully manipulate and prey on me in such a way that I am reminded of my childhood molestation, and so become emotionally disturbed. It therefore does not create a wound within me; it parasitically preys on a wound that is not yet healed. It then feeds on the energy radiated by the emotional disturbance.

Whenever it is hungry, it then skillfully uses this unintegrated condition within my emotional body as leverage to trigger me into providing food for it. Not only this, it can also use this emotional scar as leverage to persuade me to enter seemingly justified reactive behavior directed towards others. The consequential emotional states that then erupt in those I provoke also become delicacies added to the feast. And this is "the scratch":


As long as the childhood imprinting of fear, anger, and grief within my emotional body remains unintegrated, I am an organic battery containing a latent energetic charge that can be repeatedly triggered to provide an endless source of energetic sustenance for those that feed on negative emotional fodder.

All the energetic parasite has to do is wait patiently on the edges of my energetic field until my energetic environment is compromised and/or vulnerable. Then it attacks. There are a number of ways that my energy field may become compromised and/or vulnerable:

By anotherís reactive behavior toward me (by "a messenger experience").

By feeling "down" and therefore emotionally vulnerable.

By feeling "up" and therefore emotionally undiscerning.

By being physically run-down or over-stressed.

By not getting enough sleep.

By constant exposure to media that causes me fear, anger, or grief.

By entering encounters with others that focus on fear, anger, or grief.

By taking any substance that artificially manipulates my energy field, like marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and all mind-altering chemicals.

In the moments when I am awaking from a nightís sleep or an afternoon nap and are not yet fully conscious.

The energetic parasite watches my emotional body like a lion in the bush stalking a herd of buck. The moment my energetic environment becomes vulnerable all it does is "bait me". It accomplishes this by:

Telling me a story that I hear in what appears to be the sound of my own inner voice.

Deliberately constructing the story to tug emotionally on a particular instance of childhood imprinting that remains unintegrated.

For example, if I was a child molested by a man, the story may have something to do with "how terrible all men are", or "how a particular man around me appears to be taking advantage of me", or "how a particular man in my environment is taking me for granted". The story will insinuate that, "Itís time I did something to stand up for myself!" and that, "I have every right to do so!" The moment I accept the story, is the moment I bite the bait, and in this moment it has me hooked. I then join in and voluntarily take over the telling of the story to myself. Once I assume the roll of storyteller the energetic parasite settles back into my energy field, waits, and watches like someone who has just set a mouse trap.

The story is never true and has absolutely no factual foundation to it, yet it is profoundly convincing. It is convincing because it skillfully stirs up associated emotions. Because anger is the emotionally dysfunctional condition most likely to initiate outer projections of reactive behavior, the storyís focus is mostly on the resonance of self-righteous revenge. Eventually, like a jury hypnotized by a brilliant lawyer, this hypnotic and emotionally manipulative story moves us into action; we initiate and enter a reactive behavioral encounter whose supposed intent is to empower us to "stand up for ourselves" and to "make ourselves heard".

It is only once we have reacted in this manner that the hypnotic spell begins to unravel and reveal the emptiness and falseness of its illusion. What frustrates us so deeply is that this sequence of events happens over and over again. And, every time we buy into it we always discover the same thing: That our story was not true and our reactive behavior was misplaced and unfounded. Each time this happens it astounds us how we always fall for the same stupid ploy. Itís as if I we momentarily slip into unconsciousness and only awake after the fact.

The reason why we are always caught off guard and taken along for this unconscious, reactive ride is two-fold:

Firstly, the unintegrated emotion that this story deliberately feeds on as a trigger is unconscious to us and so as our awareness is directed towards it, we enter a resonance of unconsciousness.

Secondly, the presence of this energetic parasite and the devious manner in which it manipulates us remains invisible to us while we do not have felt-perception; also called "emotional body awareness".

Let us take a closer look at what these energetic parasites are:

Have you seen pictures of "sucker fish" clinging to whales and sharks? Energetically, these are what they look like; they attach themselves to and feed upon the energy field of any being containing the unintegrated dysfunctional conditions we conceptually call "fear, anger, and grief". They are created by and out of fear, anger, and grief, and therefore, to continue to live, must feed on the resonance of that which created them; fear, anger, and grief. They do not possess their own emotional bodies and so they have to "posses" ours to continue to exist. They can only prey on us invisibly while our emotional body awareness is diminished; a condition we are party to upholding through our ongoing suppression of the fear, anger, and grief imprinted within our emotional field during childhood.

The bottom line therefore is that until we cleanse and thus restore balance to our emotional body, we remain vulnerable to being hosts to energetic parasites. Fortunately, as stated at the beginning of this article, there is a simple practice that, when wielded consistently, not only cleans our energetic field of these parasites, but empowers us to become unattractive as "a food source". By clearing interfering parasitic distortion within our energy field, this practice also enables us to accelerate our overall emotional cleansing.







This practice can be wielded at any time, in any place, and under any circumstance. Its power is in its consistency. It consists of three effortless steps:

STOPPING. The easiest place for us to "catch" the energetic entity is "in the telling of the story": The moment we notice we are starting to tell a story about "how someone is doing us wrong" and "how we ought to show them a thing or two" we must immediately stop telling the story. No matter how convincing the story, no matter how the presented evidence portrays us as "being justified in feeling self-righteous and in taking action", we must stop "the telling of the story". Any story persuading us to enter reactive behavior falls into this category.

SEEING. We must immediately focus our attention on "the uncomfortable feeling or presence" underlying the story: This is where this practice differs from The Emotional Cleansing Procedure in THE PRESENCE PROCESS. Do not even spend a single moment attempting to figure out what the identity of the dysfunctional emotion is. We simply use our awareness, our inner attention and felt-perception, to "look directly at its presence" within our field. We look at it by "feeling" it. It is easy to "see" because it is the uneasy feeling underlying the story that is being told. Simply look at this feeling.

ADDRESSING: We then say, "I see you". Use these exact words. If we are amidst people when we feel energetically compromised, we say these words silently, inwardly, but firmly. When we are alone, we say these words out loud using our voice; the spoken word. We say these words without reactivity, without any negative charge. We address the energetic parasite as a matter of fact.

"I see you."

What we immediately notice is that the moment we address this uncomfortable, underlying presence in this direct way, "the story stops completely and the feeling underlying it freezes". Then, it bolts out of our awareness. Sometimes the energetic parasite may hang on in sheer disbelief that we are able to "see" it with our awareness and are actually "addressing it with our attention". If it hangs on, we keep watching it and repeat the words, "I see you". These energetic entities only have power "in us not seeing them". They are like burglars in a household believing the house is completely empty. If there is a burglar in our house busy stealing stuff and we say, "I see you" from another room, they become startled and run out. The moment the parasitic intruder becomes visible, the game is over.

Initially, these energetic entities keep returning and trying their luck, because for a long, long time we have been their unsuspecting food source. This is why consistency in this practice is imperative. Whenever they attack we must catch them in "the telling of the story" before we become co-opted into believing it. We must refrain from taking over the telling of the story and becoming so hypnotized by the it that we reactively act upon it. This practice of "stopping in the story" swiftly leads to a revelation:

We "real eyes" the initial storyteller, that we have for a long time assumed was our own inner voice, is the voice of an imposter.

We real eyes this instigating storyteller is an empty voice that has an emotionless, clinical, and almost mechanical resonance to it. It only fools us into believing it is us because:

It impersonates our way of speaking to ourselves.

It uses the same verbal mannerisms and vocabulary as we do.

The content of the tale it tells is intentionally associated with an unintegrated emotional condition within our field, and therefore causes a powerful resonance that we identify with.

Within days of consistently "catching it" we notice a discernable shift in our energy. The parasitic attacks still come, and so our ongoing vigilance is necessary, but the overall game of "hide and speak" is over. Within weeks of consistently applying the "I-C-U" practice we liberate ourselves from the majority of this energetic interference and gain an increasing sense of physical well being, mental clarity, and emotional balance. This in turn assists us to apply more focus, and have more impact, on the task at hand:

Integrating the dysfunctional imprinting within our emotional body that renders us vulnerable to parasitic attack in the first place.

This "I-C-U" technique is not new. For centuries it has been wielded by Shamans the world over as a means of liberation from the vulnerable predicament facing all emotionally imprinted humans. From a Shamanic perspective, this practice has three distinct parts to it:

Stalking: This is when we wield our awareness through "felt-perception" as a means to pay careful attention to "how and when these parasitic entities attack"; we stalk ourselves and the parasitic entity, taking note of the precise conditions in which we are susceptible to these energetic thefts. What is it about the condition of our personal energy field that renders us vulnerable? At what times of day and night and in what state of being are we in when attacked? The act of "stalking" not only awakens us to the wide ranges of conditions that lead to vulnerability, but also give us in-sight about the personality of the predator.

Hunting for power: This is the "I see you" aspect of the practice. This approach of "watching with awareness" turns the table on parasitic entities; we rob them of their power over us: Their assumed invisibility. We now hunt them by inwardly or outwardly acknowledging their presence within our energy field. The moment we apply this tool of "in-sight" we become less and less vulnerable to their tactics of hypnotic impersonations and emotional "incite".

Gathering knowledge: By successfully becoming aware of these parasitic entities, and by taking the steps to become impenetrable, we gain powerful experiential knowledge about the mechanisms of our own energy system. We learn how to manage our energy system responsibly. This simultaneously awakens emotional body awareness and "in-sight". In this light, these energetic presences are transformed from parasites into allies; instead of feeding on us, we use them as a means to deliver ourselves into greater awareness.

Eventually, through the emotional body tool of felt-perception, we become so refined within our energetic observations, that we can enter a room of people and "see" the presence of these entities around others. This awareness immediately causes these entities to back away from us, and also to immediately detach from those in our close proximity they are attempting to feed on. This empowers us in taking another crucial step towards becoming the peace we seek to manifest in the world.

Do not be a devotee of fear

Do not be a devotee of anger

Do not be a devotee of grief

Be the in-sight of Love




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