Part II: Diving Deeper: Now that we have a practice enabling us to cleanse of the presence of energetic parasites from within our field, we may dive deeper into this conversation…


What are these entities really, where do they come from, and whom do they serve? These answers are not easy for many of us to digest: These

 parasitic entities are foot-soldiers of the three gods that run this physical world from the emotional (astral) region. The names of these three gods are many, but their most common ones are: "fear", "anger", and "grief".

Even though you may not until now have thought of "fear", "anger", and "grief" as gods, as personalities, or as "deities", you still know them well. If you are within the human experience they will often have made their presence known to you. It’s just that because we lack emotional body awareness, and hence the astral vision that comes with felt-perception, we cannot see these "feelings" as what they really are; deities that feed and rule humanity through the frequency of misery. Their entire ploy is to immerse their presence within the fabric of our human experience without us being the slightest bit aware that they exist at all. However, exist they do, and not only do they exists, but we all bow to them in reverence.

Whenever we act out of fear, anger, and grief, as a means to accomplish a change in our experience, we are bowing at the altar of these three gods; we are asking their assistance to "alter" our circumstances. We are offering them our prayers.

Most of us worship these gods devotedly without even realizing we have become their disciples. Here on earth, the thread of their presence is what sews together the very fabric of our so-called "civilized" human experience. The systems we call "politics", "organized religion", and "commerce", all bow obediently to these gods. The world’s popular media is a devout attendant to these gods. And, for the most part, entertainment Mecca’s like Hollywood and Bollywood are pawns in their invisible hands.

These gods do not have their own emotional bodies and so live on the charge generated by our collective, unintegrated, emotional wounds. All human misery lays the table at which they dine, and this ongoing feast provides the energetic current with which they govern and manipulate humanity’s perception. Yet, they have no real power other than that which they draw from our energetic wounds, other than that which we allot them through our unconscious behavior. The moment we use the tool of awareness to bring our emotional bodies into a state of balance, we are no longer food for them; through containment and discernment we are then able to use our energy to fuel our own state of being.

These gods depend on us being unconscious and miserable, and on a very deep level, it is ‘our unconsciousness about our misery’ that created and sustains them.

Now, they parade as "our gods", doing whatever it takes to prevent us from realizing the truth of who and what we are; vibrational beings created in the image of the real and only God: LOVE.

We have all heard the saying: "As above, so below". Or, "As below, so above". Just as we farm animals for food, so do the gods called "fear", "anger" and "grief" farm the current human experience for their sustenance. This they accomplish by keeping our attention projected outwardly, and so unaware of our emotional body, and hence the part emotion plays as the causal point of the quality of our human experience.

Without emotional body awareness we cannot perceive "energy in motion". We therefore remain blind to the energetic connection between the causal point of the condition of the energy within our emotional body, the impact this causal condition has on the functioning of our mental body, and the subsequent consequence the functioning of the mental body has on the manifestation of our physical circumstances.

Because we remain numb to the foundational energetic circumstances that underlie all thought-forms, we erroneously believe that "thought creates".

In this state of perceptual blindness, we automatically assume that the outer world "happens to us", and that we are therefore not personally responsible for the quality of our human experience. Consequently, we behave "heartlessly"; as if we can change our experience by adjusting our thinking or rearranging our physical circumstances. This perceptual error leads to the misguided behavior called, "The pursuit of happiness"; the causal point of all human misery. While we believe that "what is happening out there has nothing to do with what is happening within us", we are prey for the banquet of the gods; a table that is adorned with the fine cutlery and crockery of victim and victor mentality.

To maintain this externalization of our awareness, and hence this perceptual error, these three gods constantly instigate emotional chaos. We cannot see this deliberate energetic instigation because, without emotional body awareness, we cannot perceive what is happening within our own emotional body, and hence the reflection of this activity in the world around us.

This instigated emotional chaos then channels its way through our mental body and into our physical circumstances; the point at which we become aware of and hence interact with it. We then react to this internally instigated emotional chaos by attempting to re-arrange our physical experience of it; we attempt "to make causal changes by fiddling with the effect". This is called "ineffectual behavior"; in-effect-you-all behavior. Of course, the only outcome to this pointless behavior is misery. Our subsequent misery is then food for the feast.

For countless generations we have been an unsuspecting source of food, farmed deliberately like organically charged batteries, that when energetically triggered, supply an endless negative emotional charge for consumption.

It is this negative emotional charge that keeps "the negative in charge".

It is this negative emotional charge that causes us "to seek the positive". Consequently, we are seduced into the illusion of polarity-consciousness, a state of being we maintain and uphold whenever we enter reactive, self-righteous behavior, and whenever we bow to "The pursuit of happiness".

Childhood imprinting of fearful experiences is part of "the parasitic program" installed by these three unholy gods. Once emotional imprinting is accomplished, our emotional body becomes a carrier of unintegrated experiences, which are then unconsciously passed on like tattoos to our children. And, this is where the parasitic entities, the energetic fleas and ticks, enter the picture: These unintegrated emotional experiences imprinted during childhood are then deliberately preyed upon and triggered by these "energetic foot-soldiers", just like sheep dogs herding sheep.

It is between the ages of seven to fourteen that these parasitic entities are set upon us and move into, and set up residence within, our energy field. During this phase, between the ages of seven and fourteen, our emotional body awareness is also deliberately shut down. Without emotional body awareness we remain blind to the movements of the parasitic presences within our "energies in motion realm", also called "our emotional real", also called "the astral". By the time we reach 21 they have been with us so long we assume their presence is us.

These parasitic foot-soldiers not only sustain themselves by eating the emotional turmoil they trigger within us through their hypnotic story-telling, they also simultaneously serve the three gods called "fear", "anger", and "grief" by using these stories to trigger us into entering reactive behaviors intended to provoke emotional disturbance within others.

Because we are entrained from childhood to become addicted to behaviors that sedate and control our fear, anger and grief, and thus to suppress our emotional body awareness, we are perceptually blind; we have no "in-sight". We therefore assume that the acts of senseless violence and war perpetrated in this world are caused by our fellow humans. What we do not yet "real eyes" is that the individuals and groups involved in this reactive behavior are simply "believing the stories they are told", stories that energetically resonate with their own childhood imprinting, stories which they then hypnotically act upon.

The cause of all acts of seemingly senseless violence in this world are "fear", "anger", and "grief"; the gods to whom we bow. And, the power with which these gods rule is founded upon us being unconscious of the power of our own heart.

This is why authentic liberation and true self-empowerment is only accomplished through "the cleansing of the emotional body"; an adjustment to our human experience which simultaneously awakens emotional body awareness. The awakening of emotional body awareness is the awakening of "astral vision"; the ability to perceive the causal point of the quality of our human experience. It is this energetic "in-sight" that reveals that the current gods of this world are not God; they are simply "energetic deities parading as gods".

These gods allow us to do whatever we like on this planet.

We are permitted to reach for our liberation through any of the many illusionary "programs" they have provided. This includes: The many intricate spiritual pathways that supposedly lead us to "enlightenment"; the many professions that lead us to financial freedom through amassing of wealth; the many opportunities to achieve "happiness", like romance and marriage; the many opportunities to ascend to fame and fortune through popularity and praise; and, the almost endless opportunities to ascend to a "heady" height of assumed power and importance among the many and varied religious, political, and commercial organizations.

We are allowed to do anything we like, just as long as we do not awaken to, or approach, "the heart of the matter". We can become and do whatever we please, just as long as we do not escape the farm.

Authentic liberation from being "a farmed organic battery intended to provide energetic nutrition for the gods" is only accomplished through activating emotional body awareness. This entails taking responsibility for the quality of our emotional experience. By stepping upon the path inward and taking responsibility for the condition of our heart, we automatically awaken to another revelation:

That these three unholy gods, as powerful as they portray themselves to be, are nothing without our allegiance to them.

By simply saying, "I see you" to the presence of their parasitic foot soldiers, we immediately and effortlessly render their "hell’s angels" impotent. Without these "hell’s angels" herding us into unconscious reactive behavior, we are able to attend more consciously and efficiently to the task of cleansing our emotional body of the unintegrated childhood imprinting that renders us prey. We are saying, "We see you, we hear you, but we no longer believe you".

By first clearing our emotional field of these energetic parasites, and then bringing our awareness to the authentic condition of our emotional body as a means to integrate our childhood imprinting, we liberate ourselves from being an unsuspecting food source. We also liberate our families, and through our example, all who cross our path. It is the journey through emotional body cleansing that takes us directly into "the heart of the matter"; awakening to the direct experience that "the only real God is LOVE", and that we are all made in the image of this God.

In this light, these energetic parasites and their three gods called "fear", "anger" and "grief", by keeping us caged in until we are ready to take responsibility for the quality of our experience, obediently serve humanity. Only those of us willing to enter the heart, no matter what, are able to discover the energetic passageway that leads to authentic liberation.

The revelation awaiting us at the end of this energetic passageway is this: We do not have to bow to these gods’ illusionary version of what it takes to enter heaven; that we first have to die. We discover experientially that to enter heaven NOW is to open the eyes of the heart so that we may "real eyes" we are already here, now, forever, and that what makes this heavenly experience appear as "a hellish one" is our being so unconscious within it. To bring all this darkness to light is as easy as "showing up", paying attention, and saying, "I see you."

Do not be a devotee of fear

Do not be a devotee of anger

Do not be a devotee of grief

Be the in-sight of Love



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