Here I am: Oct 2020

Here I am: June 2022

As I turn 60 it is clearer than ever that my greatest wealth is wellbeing. I am stronger now than when I was 30 and still growing stronger and more flexible with each day.

My secret is making sure I don't gather decrepit emotions and also that my cells receive the nutrition they need so that I can live the life I choose to live. If you are looking to boost your immunity and vitality with the best range of nutritional and body care Formulas, I recommend you shop where I have been getting mine for the past 10 years. Aside from The Presence Process, I have never recommended anything else but these Formulas to people who email me with physical challenges, depression and lack of energy and vitality.

I discovered these Formulas back in 2012 through Bob 'Dobbs' Neveritt. His bride, Dr Carolyn Dean, creates them with Non-Physical assistance in her secret lab. Their company is fabulous people. Bob is my personal role model for physical and mental capacity and possibility. On 02 Feb 2022 Bob turned 100 years old. Below is a photograph of him, now, swimming in the ocean off Maui. The moment I encountered Bob I decided I wanted to be on whatever he is on! I have never looked back. Now people want to know what I am on? Here you go the link below Bob and explore the possibilities for yourself.