Three frequencies of breathing are demonstrated here.

The first, called 'Regular', is a good tempo to start with for beginning stages [first time through the procedure] but also a perfect tempo to continue with throughout our 15 minute practice, no matter how many times we have done the procedure. If we are able to remain conscious, exploringgoing even slower and deeper is recommended. 

How to breathe - Regular.mp3

This second breathing tempo is recommended as a starting tempo for those who are moving through The Presence Process Procedure for the second and third times. Once you are comfortably 'in it', we can then choose to go slower and deeper, or to adopt the 'Punching Through' breathing.

How to breathe - Mid-session.mp3

This third breathing tempo, called 'Punching Through', is to be used when sleepiness arises, or when we intuitive feel the need to 'push through' something. It can also be adopted as a starter breathing tempo for those moving through The Presence Process Procedure for the third time and onward, and be kept up until we're 'in it', at which point we may choose to go slower and deeper. When we are feeling 'stuck', this 'Punching Through' breath will assist accessing thedeeper imprinting. It is not recommended for beginners unless the intent is to overcome arising drowsiness, unconsciousness, or sleepiness.

How to breathe - Pushing Through.mp3

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