My greatest wealth is wellbeing. I am stronger now and more flexible than when I was 30, and still growing more so with each day. I wake up every morning feeling thrilled to be alive! I get out of bed singing or praising life in some manner! Do you? Do you believe that such a life experience is even possible?

On this page I am openly sharing with you my secret to feeling so consistently fantastic everyday: It is making sure that my cells receive the perfect nutrition they require. Because of pollution and infertile soil throughout our world, our food does not contain the essential and vital nutrition our cells require anymore. So whatever diet our mind's choose is now irrelevant; we are living in an age where Cell Supplementation Is now essential for maintaining our birthright of perfect wellbeing.

Because my cells are in ongoing nutritional bliss, I effortlessly live my life in perfect wellbeing. Though the mind seeks it to be more complicated than this, it really is this simple.

If you are seeking to turbo-charge your life experience to its fullest potential, to supercharge your immunity and vitality, then let me tell you about what I KNOW are the only range of Nutritional and Body Care Completement Formulas on our Earth Plane that can keep this promise. This is not a shallow recommendation; I have now been buying and ingesting these Complement Formulas for the past 10 years! And, I will NEVER stop! They are MY REAL FOOD. My life in each moment is a testament to their authenticity.

In conjunction with emotional integration, I have never recommended anything else in the past 10 years to anyone but these Completement Formulas. They are specifically designed and created for Ascending any and all physical challenges, mental fatigues, emotional depressions and any lack of spontaneous vitality. Not only this, they are also specifically designed to assist our cells to integrate the ever-changing stress of the increasing chemicals, evolving technology, and the likely soon-to-be, increasing radioactive environment we move through daily.  

I know I found them in 2012 because consistent emotional integration work upon myself put me in their vibrational proximity. My PRESENCE, whom I now call, my NON PHYSICAL, led me to these Complement Formulas because I was ready to prepare my body's cells for their Ascension Process.

This range of Completement Formulas are the only Supplements created on Planet Earth in direct partnership with NON PHYSICAL.

They are created by Dr Carolyn Dean, acknowledged now by many hundreds of 1000's of happy customers as, 'The Doctor Of The Future'. She works directly with iON, The Voice of The NON PHYSICAL, that was evoked through her husband, Bob 'Dobbs' Neveritt, in 2009. Very soon after iON began speaking to humanity, Dr Carolyn Dean began working in partnership with Them to create these magnificent products in her secret lab in Maui.  Sounds too good to be true? Well, here is Dr Carolyn Dean today:  

Dr Carolyn Dean and her husband's appearance are evidence other than my words on this subject. I will not tell what Dr Carolyn Dean's age is, because that would just be rude, but I can tell you that Bob turned 100 on 02 February 2022. Below is a photograph taken of Bob in 2020, swimming his 1 kilometer every three days behind the breakers in Maui. Bob also took up surfing at the age of 96! 


Below is Bob as he is appears today! How many Centurions do you know of that appear this healthy and handsome? I already know your your answer: Zero!  

Bob and Carolyn are ageless because their cells receive Perfect Pico Nutrition everyday, nutrition designed with the KNOW-HOW of NON PHYSICAL.

People are just as shocked when I tell them I am 60 and yet I am clearly outdoing them on every level!


Over the past ten years Dr Carolyn Dean and iON have created a wide range of products to meet the many requirements of our ever-evolving human experience on our Earth Plane. It may be challenging to know where to start once you enter their RnA ReSet Website? My recommendation is that you begin with The RnA ReSet Bundle, as pictured below. It will instantly provide your cells with the foundational nutrition they require to ReSet your life experience toward Ascension.  

Then, as your faith grows in what you are ingesting, your own NON PHYSICAL will guide you as to what you require purchasing next.

You now know my secret to waking up each day in praise of BEING ALIVE. Don't ever say no one bothered to tell you. I have. Now you have to choose between Ascension, or just more excuses as to why you cannot be at your very best every waking moment. 



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