THE CHAMELEON MIRROR is a mirror that changes its reflection when we stand in front of it, not to hide itself from us, but to show us what we have been hiding from ourselves. By reading THE CHAMELEON MIRROR, unseen felt-aspects of our life experience are reflected for our integration.

THE CHAMELEON MIRROR is a re-edited, re-written and updated version of a book that was previously on this website called, Being Our Companion. It is written in Q & A format, covering questions that are asked before, during and after our experiential journey through THE PRESENCE PROCESS. As such, it assists us in deciding whether to do The Presence Process, is a support for those of us already going through the procedure, and is a reflective, integrative, and insightful tool for those of us who have already completed it.  

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Once you have read THE CHAMELEON MIRROR, you are welcome to email me with your feedback so that I can place it below as a review. Thank you. 


Once again, you have not just captivated me, but enlighten me and my mental body with a different perspective of, 'living in Time'. The more I advanced with each of the questions asked in the book, the more inner knowing and integration I felt. To me, this is another tool for connecting with the Soul and the deeper meanings of The Presence Process, with Presence Itself and with Life.

THE CHAMELEON MIRROR, as well as THE PRESENCE PROCESS, have given me so much, that there are no words to explain something that is not of the mind and in form. You deliver us into a portal of Presence that only a few get to access. 

I loved every question you answer throughout the text, and how you extended each of the answers, explaining the cause and effect of all the questioning. Also, how you remind us that no matter what our beliefs are, only the NOW has and is taking place in life! GENOVEVA La PLACA

THE CHAMELEON MIRROR is an open door giving access to a pathway dotted with bursts of Light. It allows anyone to acquire greater discernment, as well as acquiring more intense vigilance. The text is infinitely rich and full of treasures. It is a welcome complement and support to the procedure of THE PRESENCE PROCESS. PASCALE HUBAU