A Walk Through The Presence Process

This live recording takes us on an intimate journey through The Presence Process with Michael Brown in a manner that enhances our ability to facilitate ourselves through this unique emotional cleansing procedure. It awakens us to the insights out of which The Presence Process is born and gently guides us through the entire 70 day procedure. If we have not yet entered this procedure experientially through the book, this recording fully prepares us for the adventure. If we have already experienced The Presence Process, Michael’s personal guidance, humor, and anecdotes carry us deeper into understanding its tools, intentions, and the profound possibilities it opens to us. Listening to this 4CD Series empowers us as self-facilitators and therefore as authentic peacemakers in our communities. It introduces us to the principles of Divine Alchemy in a way that enables us to comfortably reclaim full responsibility for the quality of our life experience.

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The Bridge

Join Michael Brown in what he regards as his funniest and possibly most perfectly delivered presentation of the work of The Presence Process. Set in Santa Barbara, The Bridge explores the death of the doer and the birth of conscious emotional responsiveness. With humor and insight, Michael reveals how so much of our suffering is related to our imprinted reactive doing. 

Because the reactive doer cannot comprehend being, it's challenging to transition our behavior from reactive doing into responsive being. For many it requires 'a bridging'; a transitional period of crossing over, which is exactly what this recording illuminates.

Cross The Bridge today from reactive upset into considered conscious emotional response.

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The Radiance of Intimacy

We all come to a point in our life when we are magnetically attracted to another. Yet, when we follow this impulse, more often than not, we are led into disheartening experiences. Why? In this live recording, Michael Brown addresses our programmed approach to romantic relationships, revealing why they inevitably become a shallow grave for the heart of the lover. Using insight and humor, he unveils what he calls, 'The Pathway of the Heart', an energetic unfolding that commences with authentic love for the self and then radiates outward into an experience of authentic intimacy with another.

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The Heart Is the Healer

In this exploration into what Michael calls, 'emotional body awareness', we are introduced to breathing as a tool for accelerated emotional integration.  Inviting us to enter into a state of awareness beyond the confines of the mental, this talk takes us beyond personal healing into an awareness of our place in planetary evolution. By weaving a multi-dimensional tapestry whose threads include the metaphoric meaning of The Virgin Birth and The Crucifixion, Michael continually brings our attention back to our Heart Center as the authentic place from which to take causal action to reawaken our ability to be truly responsible. The journey of this audio leads us deeper into ourselves while simultaneously expanding our horizons to the unlimited possibilities of our collective humanity.

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Finding God Through Intimacy with Life, with Ourselves, with Our Beloved

From a conversation filmed in Spain, Michael Brown shares with us how awakening felt-perception is the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. To be joyous doesn't mean we are happy all the time, but that we are able to allow ourselves to feel everything that arises within us. We either live our life driven by an emotional charge, or we are emotionally in charge. When we are emotionally in charge, instead of driven by an emotional charge, we respond consciously to situations instead of reacting unconsciously to them. To be able to feel everything responsively transforms all human relationships, including how we deal with other nations, the world of nature, and especially intimate relationships in which sexuality becomes a means of experiencing God.

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The Presence Process Audio Book

Why is it so difficult to respond consciously when we are upset? Why do we instead resort to hurtful, repetitive, unconscious, reactive behaviors?

Through an experiential procedure, The Presence Process reveals to us that we all have deeply suppressed emotional imprints programmed into us through personal experience and observing other's behaviors. This emotional imprinting unfolds automatically, like an energetic osmosis, throughout the first seven years of our childhood. Until these emotional charges are consciously identified and integrated, whenever upset, like programmed organic machinery, we automatically resort to reactive behaviors.

The Presence Process procedure invites us to aspire to 'conscious emotional response' as a way of life, not just as a means to an end. Reading and applying the simple procedure in this book makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to transform the quality of their life experience from one of uncontrollable, reflexive re-activity, to deliberate, considered responsibility.

We all long to be free of our emotional outbursts and to instead experience increased inner calm responsiveness in the face of unexpected difficulty. What The Presence Process procedure reveals through direct experience, is that any attempt on our behalf to get rid of our emotional discomfort through reaction is futile. Instead, it experientially reveals to us the miraculous transformation which unfolds when we embrace the lifestyle of conscious emotional responsibility

The Presence Process is an intimately guided journey into embracing full responsibility for our imprinted emotional condition. It is a simple, step-by-step pathway for us to rescue and renew the unhappy child within us. It empowers us to grow up emotionally.

Read by David Robert Ord.

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Our Heart Is Our Responsibility

We are so accustomed to taking a mental approach to trying to improve the quality of our life experience that it doesn’t seem to occur to many of us that what’s limiting the degree of change we actually accomplish runs much deeper than faulty thinking. The real issue is our negatively imprinted emotional state, rooted in childhood, which time after time will overrule our any attempt to think ourselves into a more fulfilling life. Only when we take full responsibility for the state of our heart, by becoming truly present with our emotions in our daily experience, are we able to transcend the fear-based limitations that have haunted the human family from time immemorial. In the course of this talk, Michael explores such subjects as Indigo children, Bipolar Disorder, integrity in the healing profession, and our roles in the family unit.

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